About the Journal

The Acceleration, Quantum, Information Technology and Algorithm Journal (AQILA)is open to researchers and experts in the fields of computer science, information engineering, quantum computing, and information systems. Serving as a platform for scholars and practitioners, this journal facilitates the dissemination of research findings pertaining to cutting-edge advancements in Communication Engineering, Computer Science and Information Systems, Signal, Image and Video Processing, Electrical Power Engineering, Instrumentation and Control Engineering, Computer Network and System Engineering, Machine Learning, AI and Soft Computing, Electronics Engineering and Internet of Things (IoT). The publication schedule of the journal comprises two periods: June and December. Upon submission, manuscripts undergo a rigorous check for similarities utilizing the Turnitin application. The review process entails two rounds of evaluation. AQILA Journal welcomes submissions addressing the latest technological innovations and emerging issues within its thematic scope. Prospective authors are required to meticulously review and adhere to the submission guidelines and templates provided. Manuscripts that fail to meet the stipulated writing guidelines are subject to rejection by the editorial team. AQILA Journal invites manuscripts exploring topics such as signal processing, electronics, electricity, telecommunications, instrumentation & control, computing, and informatics.